60 Days of Still-mind

Meditation Course

Is this what you’re seeking?

You crave deeper immersion into meditation through a course

You wish you could meditate on your own, independent of guidance, apps, YouTube, and other drop-in services

You want to start a daily meditation practice at home

You like a traditional, structured learning experience

You want access to an experienced meditation teacher who can impart invaluable skills, techniques and tools relevant to you

You enjoy the community of an in-person, studio group environment

In 60 Days of Still-mind you receive:

8 weekly Group Sessions in-studio,
and 1 Private Meditation Session via Zoom with Senior Meditation Teacher, Tracy Hambly.

Still-mind meditation practices and techniques.

Personal meditation workbook of resources.

The 8 weeks of the Still-mind course:

Week 1: Stillness Nature

Feel more balanced within yourself and accepting of the world around you, through the guided practices of Still-mind meditation.

Week 2: Supportive Discipline

Strengthen your sense of peace with daily independent meditation practice at home.

Week 3: Body Cues

Know your body by identifying the physiological signs of mental and emotional stress.

Week 4: Peace Externalised

Lean on meditation for your wellbeing by implementing it throughout your daily activities.

Week 5: Inseparable Self

Notice and allow your full range of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and behaviours for a strong personal self.

Week 6: Healthy Tolerance

Extend your meditation practice outwards to loved ones, difficult people, work, and your broader world to build more easeful relationships.

Week 7: Loving Purpose

Uncover your own unique meditative values and intentions to sustain your meditation practice over the long haul.

Week 8: Meditative Fruition

Celebrate your insights, milestones and successes throughout the course and continue to reap the rewards of daily meditation practice; including its ability to create a loving, calm, and joyful life experience.

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