Private Meditation Sessions

Gentle immersion into meditation in 1 hour sessions

Private learning experience

Phone interview prior to session to tailor practices to you

Flexible times available in-studio or online

Guidance from Senior Meditation Teacher, Tracy Hambly, plus email and phone support post-session.

Still-mind meditation, mindfulness and Eco-Art Therapy practices tailored to you.

Personal meditation plan for future support.

Tracy Hambly is a trained teacher in the Still-mind meditation tradition (known as the Bhagavan Nityananda lineage). A registered Senior Meditation Teacher under Meditation Australia, Tracy moulds her life around this committed practice. Students come for the openness, fostered community, honesty and accountability of the Still-mind teachings unique to Looking Inwards. Outside of meditation, Tracy is an Eco-Art Therapy facilitator, and a horticulturist.

One-on-One Meditation sessions provide a safe learning container to meet individual’s goals and needs for meditation.

1 hour
Initial session $125
Standard session $95

Couples Meditation sessions create a mindful learning space focused on shared goals and needs for meditation. Open to all couples (2 people).

1 hour
Initial session $155
Standard session $125

Family Meditation sessions offer a collective learning space for families centred around overall goals and needs for meditation. Open to children of all ages plus their family member, parents or guardians. (up to 3 people).

1 hour

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