Meditation Courses

Small group courses focusing on formal, guided learning experiences for all students. Looking Inwards provides an inclusive and engaging space, which allows for stunning growth supported by a likeminded community. Led by Senior Meditation Teacher, Tracy Hambly.



Learn to Meditate – 8 Week Foundational Course

October-December 2021, Saturday mornings 10:30am-12pm
Held in studio at The Innate Connection, Croydon


Learn meditation in a new foundational course on the essentials of a supportive and dynamic meditation practice, drawing from the Still-mind meditation tradition.



Is this what you’re seeking?

● You want to start a new daily meditation practice (or refresh your existing practice)
● You like a structured learning environment
● You’ve tried entry-level learning, like apps and YouTube, and feel ready for the commitment of a real, live meditation group
● You’re drawn to a meditation style centred on self-inquiry
● You want to feel the benefits of more positive mental and emotional health
● You long to feel more at ease with yourself, and the world around you



In Learn to Meditate you’ll receive:

Teachings from Senior Meditation Teacher, Tracy Hambly


Still-mind meditation practices and techniques


Guided coursework in workbook and journal form



Meet your teacher, Tracy Hambly

Tracy Hambly has been practicing meditation for over 8 years, and is a Senior Meditation Teacher. Looking Inwards is Tracy’s platform for sharing her offerings, facilitating self-exploration and self-awareness in close-knit, small groups. Her students come for the openness, community, honesty and accountability of the Still-mind tradition teachings unique to Looking Inwards. Tracy loves teaching for the rewarding relationships and friendships forged with the many diverse and beautiful people in her meditation classes, retreats, workshops, and private sessions. Outside of meditation, Tracy is a horticulturist and garden educator, and being outdoors amongst gardens and plants is her place of sanctuary. She is also a painter and musician. Tracy is currently studying to become an Eco-Arts Therapy facilitator (blending Arts Therapy and Applied Ecopsychology). Full bio here.



Learn to Meditate will deepen your skills in:


Understanding of the mind and mental processes

Emotional intelligence

Physical embodiment and grounding



Over 8 weeks, students move through facilitated group classes and guided coursework in journal and workbook form, drawing from the outcomes of Still-mind and Nondualism. A required commitment for the course duration is a daily meditation practice of the student’s own creation. This serves as a precious learning integration of new concepts, and groundwork for a lifelong skill.

Assisted by a diverse range of core meditation and mindfulness texts, the group will build deeper insight on their unique personal path while fine-tuning their connection to fulfilment and happiness. In meditative life, Looking Inwards believes this happens through balancing ego-driven motivations, and altruistic motivations.



“Tracy is a deeply caring and attuned meditation teacher. She has the depth of a dedicated practitioner, and has her finger on the pulse of what we all need.”

– Larissa Haramis, Senior Yoga Teacher



The 8 weeks of Learn to Meditate:

Stillness and no-focus is our true human nature.


Routine discipline is vital for creating a peaceful inner state.


Mental, emotional stress is indicated by physical/physiological cues.


Externalisation and object-dependency are placeholders for inner resources like breath, body-wisdom and intuition.


Our ability to be at ease is formed from our identity; comprised of unique attitudes and behaviours, and these are inseparable from our immediate and global environment.


Tolerance and acceptance are necessary for healthier relationships.


Self-exploration means to understand the nature of all selves, everyone and everything; our potential and meaning lies in this connection to others.



From meditative stillness stems a loving, calm, joyful personal self.


Enjoy the well-supported benefits that a committed meditation practice can bring, including positive mental health, knowledge of thought processes, strengthened emotional resilience and intelligence, self-awareness, and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.



Spring | 16th October to 4th December (8 weeks)
Saturday mornings 10:30am-12pm
4 places

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