Please book your meditation offering below, or alternatively contact Tracy to book! Private Meditation can be booked here.

All are welcome

People of all cultures and ethnicities, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation or gender identity, and neurodiversity are welcome at Looking Inwards.

2022 Calendar

Meditation Groups: Summer Term
January – April (10 weeks)

Bookings closed.

Meditation Groups: Autumn Term
April – June (9 weeks)

Bookings closed.

Sleep and Live Restfully: Free Meditation Webinar
Thursday 7th April, 7-8pm

Bookings closed.

Mini Meditation Retreat: Winter
Saturday 23 July, 1-4pm


Meditation Groups: Winter Term
July – September (10 weeks)

Bookings open 17th May.

Meditation Groups: Spring Term
October – December (9 weeks)

Bookings open mid July.