Sleep and Live Restfully

Today I thought I would address one of the most common reasons people seek out meditation and mindfulness: poor sleep. In this post, I touch on everything meditation and sleep: how meditation can slow the nervous system, how rest can be a choice we have… Read More »Sleep and Live Restfully

Blessings for roadkill

Living in an area surrounded by protected national forests, I have the pleasure of encountering wildlife every day. Sometimes, though, it is tragically on the side of a road, injured or worse because of a car. I learned a few life-changing things about grief from… Read More »Blessings for roadkill

You have nothing to give me

We human beings are biologically wired for social connection and relationships, whatever they may look like. In our personal lives, meditation and self-awareness can show us the deep importance and meaning of relationships to our place on earth. But how do you have them without… Read More »You have nothing to give me

The Pebble: a poem

BY TRACY HAMBLY I was plucked by some strange hand And now turn gently, my smooth skin brushed over and over Suddenly flung into space I felt my body cast through time And air kiss my face Soaring across waves like mountains Touching down Once,… Read More »The Pebble: a poem