Meditation Groups

A close-knit meditation community, meeting weekly throughout seasonal terms.

60 Days of Still-mind

A transformational meditation course, drawing from the Still-mind tradition.

Private Meditation Sessions

One-on-one, 1 hour meditation sessions tailored to personal needs and goals.


Shauni Brauch

“Had an amazing session with Tracy, it was a beautiful relaxed environment where I felt comfortable to be able to meditate and share some of my thoughts. Tracy educated the small class, then took us through a meditation. Would highly recommend! Thank-you Tracy.”

Em Van den Driest

“Tracy is a beautiful soul who so thoughtfully prompts self-discovery. After each session I felt I had the right tools to begin to learn who I am as a person. I can’t thank her enough for helping me on my meditation journey.”

Julia Nance

“My experience at Looking Inwards was fantastic. Tracy really allows you to open up, relax, and feel comfortable, and her studio environment reflects this. Not being experienced in meditation myself, Tracy’s guidance and expertise calmed the room, and allowed me to truly relax. I would highly recommend Looking Inwards – especially to those who struggle to find time to take a step back from their lives, or have trouble relaxing and de-stressing.”

Meditation Blog

  • Sleep and Live Restfully

    Today I thought I would address one of the most common reasons people seek out meditation and mindfulness: poor sleep. In this post, I touch on everything meditation and sleep: how meditation can slow the nervous system, how rest can be a choice we have power over, and routines and habits (like meditation) contribute to… Read More »Sleep and Live Restfully

  • Blessings for roadkill

    Living in an area surrounded by protected national forests, I have the pleasure of encountering wildlife every day. Sometimes, though, it is tragically on the side of a road, injured or worse because of a car. I learned a few life-changing things about grief from these encounters with wildlife and the people who help them,… Read More »Blessings for roadkill

  • Understanding anxiety through meditation

    A common affliction that students attend my meditation sessions for, is anxiety. I see a lot of practices online for guided meditations, but wanted to fill in the gap with some discussion for your reflection and self-inquiry, a stepping stone to understanding your anxiety through meditation. I hope this provides some theory to complement your… Read More »Understanding anxiety through meditation