Meditation, mindfulness, and nature-based practices for self-inquiry

Cultivate understanding and awareness with meditation, mindfulness, and nature-based practices that facilitate your self-inquiry. In this nourishing space, we can leap forward into a deeply embodied experience of ourselves.



Find calm and peace within yourself by observing your inner nature, and let go of patterns that disconnect us

By meeting our personal thought patterns, ideas and beliefs – especially the ones experienced in stress, anxiety, depression and grief – we challenge and dissolve our boundaries and realise our innate ability to love and feel joy. The shared moments of vulnerability or discomfort often felt with this work is profoundly rewarded with skills of strength, resilience and wisdom. Just by showing up, we effortlessly awaken to a state of calm and peace, and reunite with our fullest selves.



Held in studio in Croydon and natural settings in the Dandenongs

Arrive in a deeply supportive, comfortable, and safe environment. All classes, courses, events and private sessions are created and facilitated with attention and care. We’ll have the freedom to gently explore and unfold as we practice meditation and mindfulness.



 “There is a secret place. A radiant sanctuary. As real as your own kitchen. More real than that… This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter.”

 -Saint Teresa of Avila



Meditation Classes
Held in studio at The Innate Connection

Small group classes specialising in individualised learning experiences for all students.

Meditation Classes

Meditation Courses
Held in studio at The Innate Connection

Small group courses focusing on guided learning experiences for all students.

Meditation Courses

Private Meditation Sessions
In studio, or Online

A direct, and deep application of meditation that meets you as you are, right now.
1 hour sessions, available at your request.

Private Meditation

Workshops and Events

Bespoke events fusing meditation with nature, past offerings include day retreats and mindful gardening. Held in the Dandenongs and Yarra Valley.




Meet your teacher, Tracy Hambly

Tracy Hambly has been practicing meditation for over 8 years, and is a Senior Meditation Teacher. Looking Inwards is Tracy’s platform for sharing her offerings, facilitating self-exploration and self-awareness in close-knit, small groups. Her students come for the openness, community, honesty and accountability of the Still-mind tradition teachings unique to Looking Inwards. Tracy loves teaching for the rewarding relationships and friendships forged with the many diverse and beautiful people in her meditation classes, retreats, workshops, and private sessions. Outside of meditation, Tracy is a horticulturist and garden educator, and being outdoors amongst gardens and plants is her place of sanctuary. She is also a painter and musician. Tracy is currently studying to become an Eco-Arts Therapy facilitator (blending Arts Therapy and Applied Ecopsychology). Full bio here.




Hear from my students:

Julia Nance, Photographer at Julia Nance Portraits

“My experience at Looking Inwards was fantastic. Tracy really allows you to open up, relax, and feel comfortable, and her studio environment reflects this. Not being experienced in meditation myself, Tracy’s guidance and expertise calmed the room, and allowed me to truly relax. I would highly recommend Looking Inwards – especially to those who struggle to find time to take a step back from their lives, or have trouble relaxing and de-stressing.”

Em Van den Driest, Naturopath at Possum Hollow

“Tracy is a beautiful soul who so thoughtfully prompts self-discovery. After each session I felt I had the right tools to begin to learn who I am as a person. I can’t thank her enough for helping me on my meditation journey.”

Shauni Brauch, Myotherapist at By Design Holistic Health

“Had an amazing  session with Tracy, it was a beautiful relaxed environment where I felt comfortable to be able to meditate and share some of my thoughts. Tracy educated the small class, then took us through a meditation. Would highly recommend! Thank-you Tracy.”


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