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“Tracy is the most authentic meditation teacher I have come across. Her passion is very evident and she provides a safe and supportive environment to challenge yourself.”

– Anne Lin

Mindful Seed Sowing

Saturday 5th October 9:30am-12:30pm, held at Mt Evelyn Garden Centre

This 3 hour, Mindful Seed Sowing workshop combines traditional mindfulness with the experience of sowing spring flower seeds. A one-of-a-kind workshop where meditation principles of oneness and stillness meet the nurturing experience of sowing seeds. The group will enjoy the rewards of growing spring flowers from scratch while being truly mindful.

Students will receive:

  • Guided 30 minute meditation,
  • Introspective worksheets on mindfulness principles,
  • Introduction to seed biology,
  • Philosophy of the seed as a symbol in spiritual life,
  • Mindful practices while sowing seeds.

Drop into awareness with a guided meditation session, followed by worksheets on mindfulness principles and their unique role in your life. The group will then explore seed biology, as well as philosophy of the seed and its important meaning in spiritual life and the human journey. Lastly, we’ll practice our newly-honed mindfulness skills while sowing seeds. The workshop includes:

  • Tray of freshly sown flower seeds
  • Introspective mindfulness worksheets

Contact Tracy to book.

Cost $85


Mini Retreat: Meditation in Nature

Saturday 16th November 1-4pm, held at Karwarra Native Gardens, Olinda











This 3 hour, immersive mini retreat in Olinda’s Karwarra Native Gardens will be held in late spring. Looking Inward’s second mini retreat opens itself to people seeking a communion with nature, and to drop into their own inner well of love. By inviting nature to meet us on our path and in our spiritual practice we are voicing our calling to heal and reconnect. On this retreat students will receive:

  • Explorative group practices for honouring inner truths and personal intentions,
  • Grounding meditations drawn from principles of unity and harmony in the Yoga Sutras,
  • Mindful and embodied walking practices through nature for bring the meditative state into the everyday,
  • Integrative worksheets on invoking the intuitive wisdom of nature within.

Cherish and blossom in a space for growth and exploration in community with likeminded people, with meditation practices that bring spiritual connection between the world and personal self alive.

Cushions, resources and worksheets provided. Contact Tracy to book.

Cost $95


More offerings coming soon!

New workshops and mini retreats to soothe the soul, held in the Dandenong ranges area

Led by meditation teacher and horticulturist Tracy Hambly, her new offerings will give you an opportunity to heal your mind through nature and allow the plant world to deepen your life experience. All offerings will run in Melbourne’s outer east and Dandenongs. Arriving spring and summer 2019.

  • Meditation in the Garden
  • Meditative Nature Walks
  • Mindful Seed Sowing (Wildflowers, veggies, and perennials)

To register your interest, please contact Tracy.


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