Private Meditation Sessions


One-on-one meditation sessions centring on collaborative learning experiences for each student. Guided in a sensitive, private container tailored to personal needs and goals. Led by Senior Meditation Teacher Tracy Hambly.



Private Meditation Sessions

Available on request, 1 hour
Held at The Innate Connection, Croydon, or online



Explore meditation, mindfulness and nature-based practices in a one-on-one session for insight and self-inquiry.


Is this what you’re seeking?

● You want to explore meditation tools and practices designed specially for you
● You like a collaborative learning environment
● You’re drawn to private, one-on-one classes with a sensitive approach 

● You value a meditation style focused on awareness of mind
● You want deeper insight about yourself
● You long for more understanding and peace in your life 


In Private Meditation Sessions you’ll receive:

Teachings from Senior Meditation Teacher, Tracy Hambly


Variety of meditation, mindfulness, and nature-based practices


Personalised meditation plan with tools and techniques



Meet your teacher, Tracy Hambly

Tracy Hambly has been practicing meditation for over 8 years, and is a Senior Meditation Teacher. Looking Inwards is Tracy’s platform for sharing her offerings, facilitating self-exploration and self-awareness in close-knit, small groups. Her students come for the openness, community, honesty and accountability of the Still-mind tradition teachings unique to Looking Inwards. Tracy loves teaching for the rewarding relationships and friendships forged with the many diverse and beautiful people in her meditation classes, retreats, workshops, and private sessions. Outside of meditation, Tracy is a horticulturist and garden educator, and being outdoors amongst gardens and plants is her place of sanctuary. She is also a painter and musician. Tracy is currently studying to become an Eco-Arts Therapy facilitator (blending Arts Therapy and Applied Ecopsychology). Full bio here.



Enjoy the extra support of the Private Meditation Package for first-time students, including:

one 15-minute phone interview with Tracy prior to your one-on-one session to outline your needs and intentions,

plus a follow-up call with Tracy after your session to answer any questions and integrate your meditation plan


A bespoke application of meditation that meets you as you are, right now. Bringing you all the benefits of meditation and into a space of inner connection and freedom.


“I highly recommend Tracy for 1:1 meditation sessions. Being a meditation novice, I thought 1:1 sessions would be the best way to understand/explore the benefits of meditation. Tracy was very thorough in determining my needs and what I hoped to achieve from the sessions. She was great in seeking what worked for me and created an atmosphere that promoted calm, mindfulness with a full focus on my wellbeing. I would highly recommend Tracy and Looking Inwards.”

– Ros



Private Meditation Package:
(First-time student)
1 hour session
+ phone interview
+ follow-up support call

Standard Private Meditation:
(Returning student)
1 hour session



Book your studio session online below, or contact Tracy.




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