One on One Meditation

“There is a secret place. A radiant sanctuary. As real as your own kitchen. More real than that…This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter.”

– Saint Teresa of Avila

One on One Meditation

Held at The Innate Connection studio in Croydon, or via Skype

With an experienced meditation teacher, one-on-one sessions are the greatest experience a student can have. One on One meditation gives room for deep exploration and profound insights.

Sessions run for 1 hour, where Tracy provides a safe, compassionate and warm environment to explore guide you through meditation practices that will support your own exploration and life’s path.

What you can expect:

A direct, and deep application of meditation that meets you as you are, right now. The tools and practices you will work with in the session will tap into your personal patterns, beliefs and ideas in an insightful way, that brings release, joy, and peace. One on One meditative work is very personally profound, and it suits those who are ready to embrace and cherish this kind of authenticity (please see Tracy’s bio for more information on her work). Beginners to advanced meditators are welcome.

Now in its second year, Looking Inwards’ is evolving. One on One sessions have been redesigned to bring more focus, intention, and value to you on your journey.
One on One sessions now include:

  • a phone call with Tracy to outline the intentions for the session and how meditation can help you access the inner well of love, joy and empowerment, and to understand your suitability to this unique style of work.
  • a bespoke 1 hour meditation session designed by Tracy to meet your personal needs and bring you into a space of inner connection and freedom.
  • a collaborative personal meditation plan prepared by you and Tracy at the end of the session to carry forward the practices into your life in a sustainable and honest way.

In the studio, $125. Or alternatively via Skype, $100. Sessions available Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

To book:

Please get in touch via text or email to discuss how a One on One meditation session can contribute to you on your journey. In your email, let Tracy know:
1. Why you seek a one on one session,
2. Your background in meditation or mindfulness (if applicable).



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