About Tracy

Hi, I’m Tracy. A meditation teacher, artist, student horticulturist, and the creator of Looking Inwards. I started meditating and practicing yoga in 2013, and have learned various traditions including Buddhism and Shaivism.

About six years ago, like many people I found myself a little lost in life. Like many others I had what seemed like the formula for happiness; great friends, a nice job, things to look forward to, but I was still regularly stressed, dissatisfied and unhappy. A friend at the time, who seemed constantly radiant to me, told me she did yoga and meditation!

I began to discover my local yoga and meditation teachers, and so I started on the path of meditation and self-discovery. Since my first exposure to meditation, I have practiced with a woman named Larissa Haramis in Croydon who has been my guide and inspiration throughout my journey. Her yoga teachings are drawn from her wealth of experience in things like art therapy and life as a Buddhist Nun in a Chinese monastery. Her loving, feminine and wise nature has greatly influenced my own teachings too, and I still practice with her to this day.

I began holding meditation circles and women’s circles in my home in 2015; they remain a beautiful and tender memory in my mind. Through meditations and group work, I got to explore amazing things with close friends and acquaintances. Our circles were focused on cultivation peace and compassion, and I create my classes with the same intention.

I then studied Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching at the Australian College of Classical Yoga in 2016 with Swami Shantananda. Her teachings hail from her lineage in the Shiva tradition, in which she took her vows and renounced her old way of life to live as a swami. Shaivism is an Indian tradition grounded in the idea of nonduality. Nonduality means that nothing is separate and everything is part of one whole, literally it means, “not two”.

This is the fundamental basis behind all my teachings at Looking Inwards.

Together, my students and I explore meditations that open us up to love and joy, moving us towards this oneness between all things and the deep personal connection that comes from it.

Experience and Qualifications

Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching, (200hr) Australian College of Classical Yoga 2016

Mindfulness Workshop Training, Australian College of Classical Yoga 2016

6 week Resilient Living course, Australian College of Classical Yoga 2017

Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat ‘Dancing the Edge’, with Anahata Giri and Jess Huon, Strathbogie Ranges 2015

Weekend Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Swami Shantananda, Maitripa Buddhist Centre Healesville 2018

Certificate IV in Horticulture, Melbourne Polytechnic TAFE 2018 – Present

I also attend art, philosophy, and meditation workshops around Melbourne whenever I can!


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