About Tracy

Tracy Hambly is a meditation teacher, horticulturist and artist. She began practicing meditation and yoga when she was eighteen, and has moulded her life around this spiritual discipline. Tracy is the creator of Looking Inwards.

She has trained as a meditation teacher at the Australian College of Classical Yoga under the instruction of Swami Shantananda, affectionately known as Mataji, and attended workshops in Mindfulness and Resilient Living at Mataji’s studio Blackburn Meditation and Mindfulness. There, Tracy studied the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, awareness of the Self, and the philosophy of Nonduality. All of which inform her work at Looking Inwards greatly. Tracy is also under the mentorship of yoga and meditation teacher Larissa Haramis, and has been since she first began her practice as a teenager.

Tracy began holding meditation circles at her home in Melbourne for friends and acquaintances in 2015. These circles focused on cultivating peace and compassion, and remain a tender and treasured memory in her mind. She is a seeker and contemplator, driven by a longing for universal truth and the profound implications of it in our lives. Often called ‘wise beyond her years’, Tracy brings calm, safety, and insight into her students’ lives.

Interviews and Press

Feature interview with Vinny Yoga.

In late 2018, Tracy was asked to be a featured teacher on Vinny, (short for Vinyasa), an innovative directory for yoga and meditation in Melbourne created by Andie Pineda.

“We look for [people] that have a modern approach to yoga, value and support their communities, and provide exceptional experiences to anyone that walks through their doors. And when selecting teachers, we look for individuals that are well-regarded in the Melbourne yoga community, deliver high-quality classes, and are authentically themselves.”

– Andie Pineda

See the Vinny interview.

Feature with Julia Nance Portraits

Julia Nance is the photographer behind all of Looking Inwards’ images, and an old childhood friend of Tracy’s. In early 2018, they did a portraiture session and interview together about her work in meditation.

“Tracy really advocates everyone being welcome. She wants to create a space where we don’t need to worry about what we look like, how our career is going, or what our relationships are like. It is essential to Tracy for her students to feel welcome and open, trusting and self-loving – and she does this well.”

– Julia Nance

See the interview and portraits.

Experience and Qualifications

Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching, (200 hours) Australian College of Classical Yoga 2016

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 1-day Workshop, Australian College of Classical Yoga 2019

6 week Resilient Living course, Australian College of Classical Yoga 2017

Mindfulness Workshop 1-day Training, Australian College of Classical Yoga 2016

Weekend Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Swami Shantananda, Maitripa Buddhist Centre Healesville 2018

5 day Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat ‘Dancing the Edge’, with Anahata Giri and Jess Huon, Strathbogie Ranges 2015

Certificate IV in Horticulture, Melbourne Polytechnic TAFE 2018 to Present

University of Melbourne, Burnley 2013, 2014

  • Plant Biology I and II (Third Class Honours)
  • Horticultural Plants (Third Class Honours)
  • Horticultural Practice I and II (Third Class Honours, Second Class Honours Div. A)
  • Ecology, Soil and Plants (Second Class Honours Div. B)
  • Plant Protection
  • Landscape Design I (Second Class Honours Div. A)
  • Designing with Plants (Second Class Honours Div. A)
  • Horticulture Internship, Diggers Club (Third Class Honours)


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