Looking Inwards is a project of love, created by Tracy Hambly.

My mission is to share the meditation practices that transformed my life with the local community here in the Yarra Ranges. I believe that there is nothing more important than you and your mental and emotional wellbeing, and that in our modern world we sorely lack a space for reflection, connection, and sanctuary.

It’s ‘Meditation that Transforms You’.

At Looking Inwards, this is my motto. For thousands of years meditation has been an answer for people dissatisfied with their present way of life. And in the current climate, people all over the world are seeking a deeper experience. Our fast-paced, goal-oriented culture can deliver so many things, but peace and rest is not one of them.

Meditation doesn’t have to be a religious or particularly ‘spiritual’ thing. It can be thought of simply as a way of reconnecting and waking up to the full experience of ourselves.

A unique experience.

My classes are designed to be a safe and special space to help students cultivate the life skills for real self-care and personal wellbeing. I welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to my classes. While meditation is a great skill for a lot of people, the students who truly thrive in my classes are willing to learn, break down inner walls, and be open to change.


 Hear what my students have to say.

Julia Nance, Photographer at Julia Nance Portraits

“My experience at Looking Inwards was fantastic. Tracy really allows you to open up, relax, and feel comfortable, and her studio environment reflects this. Not being experienced in meditation myself, Tracy’s guidance and expertise calmed the room, and allowed me to truly relax. I would highly recommend Looking Inwards – especially to those who struggle to find time to take a step back from their lives, or have trouble relaxing and de-stressing.”


Em Van den Driest, Naturopath at Possum Hollow

“Tracy is a beautiful soul who so thoughtfully prompts self-discovery. After each session I felt I had the right tools to begin to learn who I am as a person. I can’t thank her enough for helping me on my meditation journey.”


Shauni Brauch, Myotherapist at Unified Myotherapy

Had an amazing  session with Tracy, it was a beautiful relaxed environment where I felt comfortable to be able to meditate and share some of my thoughts. Tracy educated the small class, then took us through a meditation. Would highly recommend! Thank-you Tracy.”


A peek at my offerings:

Guided meditation meets Restorative yoga.

Coming January 2019 to Croydon, enjoy deep rest and reconnection in this beautiful combination of guided meditation and restorative yogic postures. This special class is one of a kind in Melbourne, created specifically to open your body, calm your mind and soften into a better experience of you.

Class details here.




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