A deeper and more joyful experience of the mind, body, and self.

The Calling

Within you, within me, something within is calling out with a need for a something deeper.

Our attention has constantly been pulled away from us, towards material things, busy schedules, and so many other distractions. But there lies in you and me a wisdom that knows this is not all there is to life. And for some of us, an inner voice is rising up and saying, ‘I want a different way.’

When you feel this calling, this is the time to begin looking inwards.

The Question

After this realisation, there can be months and even years of self-doubt. ‘What’s wrong with me? Does anyone else feel this way?’ Know that when the mind finds a problem, it always wants to fix it, fast.

But you and I know we are not problems to be fixed. We are essential parts of the universal mystery waiting to be discovered.

The essential lesson during this time of self-discovery, I’ve found, is to be gentle with yourself and trust your inner questions. Let gut-feeling and the heart guide you to what you need.

The Arrival

And so, where does meditation come into all this?

It can be thought of as the cultivation of new skills. Ones that perhaps are not taught enough. These skills include being observant, loving, and resilient. For a lot of people the life journey is a kind of search, and my experience is that our arrival at meditation is an opportunity for self-discovery.

What is Looking Inwards?

A project of social activism, wholly focused on transforming and improving the life experiences of the people here in the community of Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs. By sharing traditional meditation practices from the Yoga Sutras and the spiritual philosophy of nonduality, I hope to bring connection and sanctuary back into people’s lives.

If you’re interested in the Looking Inwards project, please follow this link to discover more.

Who′s behind it?

My name is Tracy Hambly. I created Looking Inwards in 2017 to generate more joy and love in my life, because meditating with others and creating change is the most meaningful thing to me. The practices speak for themselves, and this way I get the pleasure of being a part of passing the lamp onto other people.

If you’d like to know more about Tracy, follow this link to her bio page.

What do you offer?

courses and workshops,
and one on one sessions.

Based in Croydon, all of these offerings are designed to be a warm and welcoming invitation to learn, unfold, and meditate. In each session, I facilitate students in the cultivation of life skills for real self-care and personal nourishment.

Hear what my students have to say

Julia Nance, Photographer at Julia Nance Portraits

“My experience at Looking Inwards was fantastic. Tracy really allows you to open up, relax, and feel comfortable, and her studio environment reflects this. Not being experienced in meditation myself, Tracy’s guidance and expertise calmed the room, and allowed me to truly relax. I would highly recommend Looking Inwards – especially to those who struggle to find time to take a step back from their lives, or have trouble relaxing and de-stressing.”

Em Van den Driest, Naturopath at Possum Hollow

“Tracy is a beautiful soul who so thoughtfully prompts self-discovery. After each session I felt I had the right tools to begin to learn who I am as a person. I can’t thank her enough for helping me on my meditation journey.”

Shauni Brauch, Myotherapist at Unified Myotherapy

Had an amazing  session with Tracy, it was a beautiful relaxed environment where I felt comfortable to be able to meditate and share some of my thoughts. Tracy educated the small class, then took us through a meditation. Would highly recommend! Thank-you Tracy.”

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